Crazy Consumption

Adjective feeling very hungry
Hey I'm starving! Are you free for lunch? We could try the new cafe. It’s a fixed-price buffet so you can take what you like and eat a ton!
Adjective (of a plant) able to trap and digest small animals especially insects
You remind me of those carnivorous plants that 'eat' everything that falls into their trap... insects, spiders, scorpions, a baby frog, a mouse!
Verb eat or drink food or beverages
Oh come on, I'm not that bad! I don't consume glass and metal... bikes, shopping carts... an airplane... like the infamous Monsieur Mangetout!
Noun doctor who specializes in diseases of the stomach
You've got to be kidding about this Mangetout guy! No, it's for real... gastroenterologists checked out his digestive system and confirmed he could do it!
Verb discharge something, especially urine or feces, from the body
You mean he could pass those undigestible objects right out the other end. That would be some bowel movement!
Verb break down food so it can be used by the body
Speaking of amazing, did you know we get a new stomach lining every 3-4 days? If we didn't the acids that digest our food would eat up our stomach too!
Noun a strong desire to have or do something
How ‘bout we stop talking and get going. I have a hankering for BBQ ribs. What do you say?
Verb (for stomachs) making a low rumbling sound, often when one is hungry
Well my stomach's been growling for the last hour. I’m not a pig like you (haha) but sure, I’m up for trying that new place.