Air Travel Arrangements

Phrase travel somewhere for a holiday
go on vacation
I decided to go on vacation in France this summer. Sounds great! How much vacation time do you have?
Phrase an air trip that goes directly to the destination without any stops
non-stop flight
I only have a week off so I'm going to book a non-stop flight to Paris. Better to spend a little more money and not spend the time changing planes.
Noun arrange for a seat on a plane, train... in a theatre, etc. for later use
making a reservation
Right. Have you checked out the ‘flexible dates’ feature on the booking site? Last time I saved $300 just by making a reservation a day later!
Phrase purchase air travel to a location on a specific airline, day and time
booked a flight
Good tip! OK... I just booked a flight from Monday to Monday and got a 30% discount. I paid for the tickets but we can cancel within 24 hours if we change our mind.
Noun a document that lists the places, flights, dates and times of travel
I emailed the itinerary to you. Does this work? Will you come with me to Paris?
Adjective relating to a particular area or neighborhood
Huh, what? You're inviting me? Wow! What's the local weather like? Will we get out of the winter cold?
Adjective a system of money for use in a particular country
Sorry, sorry. First things first. I would love to come with you! What's the French currency? Oh wait, I know we can use Euros. I have some left over from my last trip. Oh my, I'm so excited!!!