Noun a person qualified to practice medicine
I'm on my way to see my physician... going for a checkup even though I'm healthy!
Noun an injection of a drug or vaccine into the skin
Good for you! I don't go to the doctor very often but I did get a flu shot at the pharmacy. I hate needles!
Noun a quantity of a medicine one is supposed to take at a particular time
And I take a dose of vitamins every day to keep me healthy!
Phrase act in a way that is more than necessary
go overboard
Actually I think people go overboard taking so many supplements. Isn't it enough to eat well and exercise?
Noun measurement of force against the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps blood
high blood pressure
Well, sometimes we need pills! When I had high blood pressure my doctor gave me CoQ10 to lower it.
Noun have images taken of one's body using powerful invisible rays
got an x-ray
Now my grandma has to take medication for her low blood pressure. She was dizzy and fell. When she got an x-ray it showed she broke her arm!
Phrase struggle to do something, especially when it seems difficult to achieve
push hard
Whoa, I know a lot can happen.... I'm going to push hard to keep on my wellness regime!