Getting through the Airport

Verb report one's presence for a flight
check in
Look at the long line to check in at the ticket counter. Next time let's do it online.
Noun a document showing flight, gate, and seat numbers that is scanned at the airport
boarding passes
We have our boarding passes now. We're ready to enter the airport security area.
Noun a container in which to put items
I got all my things in the bins on the conveyer belt. So far so good with this security screening.
Noun a device for examining something
I hope my watch doesn't set off the body scanner. Then they'll have to pat me down. Oh dear.
Noun a board that shows times, destinations, airlines, and gates for planes that are leaving
departures board
Now that we're through security, let's check the departures board for the gate we have to go to.
Noun area at an airport where passengers arrive and leave
We're leaving from Gate B8. It looks like we're almost there.
Phrase place that passengers stay until they are called to go onto a plane, train, bus, etc.
waiting area
Wow. Our waiting area at the gate is very crowded. I hope they call our flight soon.
Noun a corridor passengers walk down to go from the airport building onto the plane
Finally. it's time to leave -- down this jetway and then we'll be on the plane!