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Whoa, look what the cat dragged in! You really look tired. Is something wrong?
Huh, what!! I was fast asleep. Why are you texting me now? It's 6AM!!
Did you hear? We have to find a new apartment.
Hello! I'd like a bike tune-up. What's included in your basic get-ready-for-summer service package?
On Sunday I had pancakes for breakfast.
Yes! I have english muffins. My recipe would be ruined without them.
It's 7:00AM. Time to wake up. Good morning!
Ugh, I’ve been stopped by the police! Waiting for the officer... I hope I’m not in too much trouble.
Throw on some shoes. Let's go to the mall. I want to buy a new phone. They're on sale!
It's 7:00AM. Time to wake up. Good morning!
Eleven pigs are eating in the barnyard.
Eleven pigs are crowding, waiting to be fed.
How can you put up with your neighborhood? Do you really like living in the city? There's so much noise!
Interviewer: Hello Alex. Tell me a little about yourself. Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our restaurant?
You wouldn't believe the deal I got at the flea market this morning! The seller was asking 40 bucks but I got him down to 15 dollars.
This trip we’re going to splurge and treat ourselves to luxury. We’re staying in a classy hotel!
The chemical in cannabis is THC. It can produce sensory and psychological effects. And this is why we feel "high" when we smoke marijuana.
I need coffee! Do you want to meet me at the cafe down the street for a short break?
Let's do takeout tonight. I really don't feel like cooking. Fine with me!
Ready for our glamping weekend? Glamorous camping! It's going to be so much better than last year. What a disaster it was in the rain in our tiny little tent!
It's so beautiful out today. Let's go for a stroll in the cemetery.
Hey Lindsay, do you know Rose is pregnant with triplets? No way, how'd you hear that, Michelle? Straight from the horse's mouth, we had lunch yesterday.
What a terrible day. My boss called me to her office and said I was doing a lousy job, today is my last day. I can't believe I got fired!
It’s our last day in Boston. Are you up for sailing on the Charles?
Am I ever happy we took our bags on the plane. Imagine waiting for our luggage to be unloaded with all those people at baggage claim!
I decided to go on vacation in France this summer. Sounds great! How much vacation time do you have?
Oh man, you look sick as a dog. What's up? Do you have the flu or something?
Hey, what are you up to today? Any exciting ideas for the afternoon?
I always polish off my food when I eat at restaurants. Now, with life turned upside down by the pandemic, I eat everything in sight at home!
Our school play opened last night. It was disappointing, we expected 500 but only 200 people came. The planning committee sure was off base!